I’ve started to dedicate much more of my time on YouTube, and creating videos. Before reading¬†further, go to my channel and subscribe http://www.youtube.com/user/257van I’ve done a couple videos on Donald Trump, and I plan on doing many videos on urbanism in the coming weeks. As a result, this blog will not become a place of refined ideas, but a place of scattered thoughts. It will be a place of experimentation, to see what works and what doesn’t, and to get my thoughts down and out to the world. Right now I rely too heavily on expressing those thoughts on facebook, which while does work, I feel will be better served by a blog with a dedicated audience. If you would like to see some of my previous blog posts, my previous blog is here: http://257vancouver.wordpress.com. I just read an article about Transit in Surrey. I am sure that if transit is not built there, and it is looking ever so more likely it will not be, Surrey will become the next Scarborough. It actually already has. A skytrain line is just like the bloor danforth line, because it just barely reaches the city, and then it suddenly stops. Surrey has highways just like scarborough, and is majority minority. Back to more news, I’ve started a new website, and organization called “inefficient urbanism”. I am sure that the title strikes you as contradictory, or even crazy, but that’s the point. It’s meant to get people thinking about urbanism in a new way. It’s a right-wing libertarian take on urbanism, something that is missing in the current discussion. I think it’s a very catchy name, and easy to remember. I also think that once people start to make sense of it, they can start to agree because of confirmation bias. Of course, if you look at the most successful public squares, they are inefficient: people are standing and sitting around doing nothing. Roads that are the most efficient are the most deadly. And people are not rational creatures: they are inefficient. But I hope that the new organization will also be about free-market solutions to problems, such as housing, zoning, and transit. The organization will be mostly run through YouTube videos, but the website is here: http://inefficienturbanism.wordpress.com