Many people are counting Trump out right now that his unfavorables are so high, and that his poll┬ánumbers are falling like a rocket. But this is exactly the most dangerous part. Trump knows what he’s doing, and he knows that this is the calm before the storm. The democrats are now finalizing their campaign strategy, and using all their ammunition, and this is precisely the worst time to do so. The democrats are just so obvious to the million plus man army marching their way, that they have already fired all their bullets. Do the democrats have anything better than “Trump is a racist”? No. They have shown all their cards, and by the time Trump really starts to get rolling on Clinton, she will be gone, and toast. Democrats, the election will be determined in the next week. You have to stop showing all your cards right now, and play for a draw right now. If not, you will become defenseless in just one month’s time, when it really matters.