July 20, 2016

Last week was my 20th birthday. Isn’t it weird how we always wait to do things until special days? Your 20th birthday is your special day, you’ve waited for it for 20 years, so no matter what happens it will be a good day. Let’s extend that thought, and say that no matter what happens when I’m 20, this year will be a good year, because well, I’m 20 years old! And after I keep that up for a whole year, it’ll be a habit, and I’ll be one of those people who are always—happy for no reason—and whenever negativity comes along it just bounces off. On my birthday I went to run a marathon—I ended up stopping at 25 or 26 km. 26 km is more than I’ve ever run in a day (17km). But from this year forward, my birthday is always reserved for running marathons. That’ll make sure I’ll keep in shape every year for the next 79 years. Anyways I want to channel my inner Sagittarius and share some thoughts to you.

Not too long ago, and still in some parts of the world today, people live til just 35 years of age. So their 20’s are really their “senior” years, or the years that they really need to take action and use the wisdom that they’ve learned in their childhood and teenage years. If I were born in 1801, I’d have no time to waste, and no excuse not to take action. True, some people my age are still in university, but I shant compare myself to them, because we are on totally different paths. What I can do is take my university accomplishment and use it as evidence of success so I can exert confidence in any situation.

One of the very moving articles I read about turning 20 was written by Steve Pavlina:  http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2016/07/habits-and-practices-in-your-20s/ The habits and actions that you take in your 20’s will directly influence the rest of your life. Some quotes will tell you that your 20’s are spent finding what you love, and you’re 30’s are spent doing what you love. I would argue that you’re whole life is spent learning, but your 20’s set the foundation for your learning habit. Scott Adams places a similar importance on habits, or what he calls “systems”. But I like Steve Pavlina’s definition better, because it means that even if we don’t establish long term habits, we engrave short term “habits”, and we trace a path in our brains. For example, lets say you’re not a runner, but you might run someday. You could wait until your turn 30, and then try running, but this would not only be exhausting, it would set you up for failure. Why? Because if you’ve never ran before, it’s impossible that you can learn how to run after you turn 30. But if you’ve learned how to run in your 20’s, and you ran every day even if it was just for 1 month, you already have a mental pathway in your brain that you can relate back to, and it will be possible to redevelop that skill in your thirties. The saying “old dogs can’t learn new tricks” is true after you’ve turned 30. I’ll probably revise this belief when I turn 30, but I think it’s a good belief to have when I’m still in my 20’s so that I don’t waste time.

Let’s make a short list of what habits and skills I want to craft before I turn 30, generally ordered in greatest to lowest importance:
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Humor
  • Reality distortion field
  • Meditation
  • Intuition
  • Tennis
  • Sleep
  • Relationships
  • Abundance
  • Hypnosis
  • Raw Food
  • Learning a 2nd language
  • PhotoReading

To accomplish these goals, Scott Adams has some wonderful tips: affirmations. Some call it the law of attraction. • One of my affirmations is: “I, Kyle Zheng, will be a famous YouTuber”. • Also, “I, Kyle Zheng, will be a world class Tennis Player”. • And, “I, Kyle Zheng, will be a successful real estate developer.” • And lastly, “I, Kyle Zheng, will be a notorious serial entrepreneur.” Affirmations worked for me when I was graduated university at age 19, so either I’m lucky, or affirmations really do work, or both.

Recently, I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon among successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Terry Beech: they all started businesses in their 20’s, but none of them experienced the resounding success in their 20’s that they had later in life. Even though in their 20’s they may have earned millions of dollars, they only opened one successful business, and only after they turned 30 did they open many more. Richard Branson is the best example: before he turned 30, he only operated one business: virgin label. He did that for ten years, before opening his subsequent businesses. Yes 10 years! Today, Branson can’t sit around more than 3 years without starting something new. Same thing with Trump. Moral: even the greatest entrepreneurs spent their 20’s learning entrepreneurship, and dedicating their time to one, and only one endeavor.

Incidentally, Branson is a Cancer, but he has mercury in Leo. Trump has sun in Gemini, but mercury in Cancer. Musk, like me, has both his sun and mercury sign in Cancer. Why am I talking so much about astrology? Why am I putting so much emphasis on the year you turn 30? The Seasons of a Man’s Life describes a mid-life crisis that takes place at age 30. So many people enter a new stage of life at age 30. So many people change careers at this age. Steve Jobs starts Next. Trump and Branson get a child. Trump sees his fortunes turn, Branson starts becoming a serial entrepreneur, Mozart writes his 20th concerto and the Marriage of Figaro, Musk starts Paypal, and Beech starts sees success in hiretheworld.

Age 30 is your first return of Saturn. This is a huge deal. It’s when you realize that you can’t accomplish everything in life, and when you realize that it’s going down from here. It’s when you realize that you’re not special, not marked, and you’re really getting old. Saturn is the planet that reminds us of our boundaries, and responsibilities. My saturn is in Aries, and by the time I turn 30, I’ll have started a new project, and taken another risk.

What this means that in my 20’s, I’ll have to set the foundation for what’s coming at age 30, and there is little time to waste; This is my year, and no matter what happens, this will be a good year. If I accomplish all that on my list above, and continue repeating my affirmations, I will be very well equipped in my 30’s to take on whatever challenges arise.

Wish me luck.