The best way to charm others is to ask them for favours. For example, the best people I charmed were in school, when I asked my teachers for favours where I told them that I wanted them to stay behind and tutor me, and help me out. Those teachers really liked me, because they felt like they had an investment in me. The best thing is to make others feel like they have done something greater than themselves, that they have given me an opportunity, or done something that has meaning, and made a difference, that is what everyone wants.

The times that I feel like I like others the most are when I help them out on something, or do them a favour. After that, I feel comfortable, because I feel like they need me, and that I have a purpose, and I am needed!

So go out, and tell other people to do favours for you! Small favours, of course, or else they’ll think that you’re entitled. Also, tell them to do something that you can’t do yourself, or you don’t have the time to do. The worst thing is to tell others to do something that you can do, but you feel “above” them, and you refuse to do. You want to come off as “we’re friends, and I want you to do a favour for me”. After you get them to do a favour for you, make them feel like they’re super important in your life, and they have done such a big thing that has saved your life.