HATER: Hey, did you see the Nazi salute last night? SUPPORTER: [Pacing and leading] Yeah, and I think Clinton will be a good president, [Get permission to persuade], but let me ask you, do you know any Trump supporters? H: No. S: So would you like to know why people support Trump? H: OK, tell me. S: [Destroy established beliefs] What do you hate about Trump? H: Well he’s racist. S: [Get down to specifics] OK, what specific plan do you say is the most racist? H: He wants to ban all Muslims from the US. S: [Reframe] OK, so are you’re saying that there’s no problem with radical Muslim terrorism? H: Well crime is going down, and . . . S: [Reframe again] So are you saying we should only care about ourselves, and not the people of France, Germany, or Iraq? H: Um. . . S: [Replace their beliefs with yours] Look, Trump is singling out ISIS, and what he’s saying is that he wants to stop ISIS and stop radical Islam, and if we let anybody in the country, we have to have good background checks. You’d agree with that, wouldn’t you? H: But what Trump’s doing is wrong, because he’s making people hate Islam, and hate Mexicans. S: [He’s listening with an open mind, so he’ll accept anything you say at this point] First, every candidate, even Clinton has good supporters, and bad supporters, like radical communists, who I’m sure you wouldn’t agree with. Second, [Reframe race as a trivial issue] do you think his supporters really care about race? In my view they care more about getting jobs for themselves and their communities rather than have those jobs being shipped off to China or Mexico. You might hear one or two things he’s said about race, but you see the hundreds of buildings he’s built, and the billions of dollars he’s made, isn’t that what we want for our country? [Think beyond the sale] And believe me, when he becomes president, it won’t be as bad as people say it’s going to be, believe me. * * * BOOM. There are two tells of persuasion: 1) They get really angry. 2) They laugh. If they get any of these two reactions, that means you’ve done your job correctly. Treat this as a fun game, and see how many minds you can blow up in an hour. * * * The writing of this article: The persuasion techniques are in red [Thank You Scott Adams!] I plan on making a video in a foreign language with this exact script. Look for it!