Scott adam has correctly identified that Trump has a severe problem, because the general public¬†thinks of him as a crazy racist. Read his full post here:¬† Let’s brainstorm ways he can repel that label: First, he can deny or ignore that label. This is what he’s doing right now. He’s not saying anything with regards to the topic, because he’s said nothing wrong, and it’s only been his opponents who have been labeling him. But this won’t work because of what’s already happening. Second, attack that label directly, saying “I’m not a racist, I love hispanics, I love blacks.” He can say, “I’ve been fair to all races during my career”, and appeal to authority. He will persuade some people by doing this. He can also go to make his VP Mia Love, but I believe that trump’s best play will be to choose someone who shares his ideology and point of view, such as mike hucklebee or chris christie, even though they are white males. Third, I think the most effective strategy will be for him to reframe the label “crazy racist”. I think that it has a bad connotation, and this connotation can be easily framed. Think of how steve jobs reframed the word “crazy person” with this ad: If he does this, and does it **correctly**, he will be universally loved, and he’ll easily win almost everybody’s vote. Is it too late? I don’t think so, because this word “crazy racist” has yet to be framed. But it must be done correctly, and doing it poorly can spell disaster. Watch in July which technique trump chooses.