By human nature, we are zoned to compare. We compare ourselves with others: what do I have and he doesn’t. But way too often we ask ourselves what we don’t have, and others do. If you’re bald, you walk into a room and all you see is hair. If you’re ESL, all you notice is the excellent english everyone else is speaking. If you’re of an eastern culture, all you notice is how everyone else in the room is so assertive, and direct. Chances are I don’t even notice your lack of hair, you’re poor english, or your culture. But there’s also the spiritual differences, such as our sign. Being a cancer, I walk into a room, and I find the aries so articulate, the capircorns so funny, and liberas so popular. But can we just walk in a room and just see everyone else as bodies of energy, no better and no worse? Scott Adams says in his book “How to fail at everything and still succeed”, that we should act, and as we get better at acting, we’ll become who we act. This is a good strategy, but I think it’s better to just not give a shit what others think, and accept that they won’t remember whatever you said anyways. And to end this conversation, remember that you are the best, no matter what others tell you.