I’m going to provide my timely analysis of the us election. At this point, you’re either firmly pro-trump or against trump. Not a single observer is “undecided”. My interest lies in the persuasion he is using. You might think that he’s the most racist politician ever to become a candidate, and as a result his persuasion is failing and he has no chance in november. Listen closely: in 3 months, you won’t think that he’s a racist. He will win in the election in a landslide. Give me a chance to explain. Right now, Trump has just one problem: voters think that he is scary. If he does the exact opposite of “scary”, which is exactly what he has started doing 4 hours ago (see link) and will continue doing in the next 3 months, he will have destroyed the single barrier to voters electing him. A main character in a movie always overcomes his or her one main obstacle before succeeding at the end of the movie. On the other hand, Clinton has multiple obstacles facing her: a lack of trust, the “crooked” branding, and her health. It is impossible for her to overcome any of these because they are out of her control. Within the next 30 days, Trump will soar to a 10 point lead over Clinton, and will remain there for the election. Don’t worry: A Trump president won’t be as scary as you think. If you pay attention in the next three months, you’ll see why. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/08/donald-trump-never-lie-227183