You’ve probably seen the horoscopes on the newspaper. You’re probably very skeptical of the idea that people born in the same month can have similar traits. And you’re right.¬†Astrology is a greatly misunderstood and disliked topic. In this post I’d like to clarify some of the ideas that I’ve learned over my past year of studying this subject. Today there is so much advice on the internet, with everything trying to be personalized to you. Fortune cookies tell you that success is coming. A personality test tells you to take more time for yourself. And then your horoscope tells you to hold on making major decisions. What advice should you follow? Here’s my rule of thumb:¬†The only advice that you should listen to is if it’s empowering. This can be both positive and negative. It can make you excited, angry, or get an epiphany. What advice should never do, is stop you from taking action, or feeling limited in your ability. It should never make you feel powerless, or inferior. But how can a singular piece of empowering advice apply equally to everyone in a group? I’m a Cancer. Supposedly I’m reserved, hard to get to know, and passive aggressive. Are all Cancers the same? I think we are trying to objectify a topic that is entirely subjective. True, Cancers can be very emotional, but compared to what? I’ve discovered that each person perceives a sign in a different way. To me, a Leo is quiet, reserved, and confident. To another person, a Leo may be aggressive, arrogant, and creative. For me, Leos are among the easiest to identify, and Geminis among the hardest. Instead of seeing a sign as an absolute, well defined personality trait, I think it’s better to see signs relative to your current situation. So forget all the “advice” and well defined traits of each sign on the internet. This advice is not meant to be applied to yourself. Your individual horoscope must be compared to something else: other people, success, your career, the state of the world etc.