new york times Most ideas to solve rising sea levels don’t try to solve it. They try to solve the greater problem of climate change, and increasing temperatures. It’s like trying to solve racism by turning everyone into Mother Teresa. Not only is this expensive, it will take a long time. In the meantime, the ocean will drown many small islands and big cities. This will make millions homeless, and devastate economies. But I believe there is a way that we can reduce sea levels. Imagine the craziest idea you’ve heard all year, and imagine something crazier. My solution: make the ocean bigger. For sea levels to be reduced by 1 mm, a volume equal to¬†361.8 cubic km of water must be removed from the ocean. Sea levels are projected to rise by at least 50 centimeters over the next 50 years. If we can reduce the amount of water in the ocean by 3618 cubic km every year, then sea level rise will be stopped. Our goal is to drain the a volume of water in the ocean the equivalent of Lake Huron¬†every single year. We will dig holes to create new inland lakes, and build canals from the ocean to these lakes. These lakes will be located in uninhabited places, such as the Sahara desert. A side benefit is that this will reduce the size of the desert. As lakes are created, clouds will form, and areas around these lakes start to receive more rainfall. The excess dirt from digging the lake will be used to create man-made mountains that stop clouds and allow rainfall to congregate in certain areas. Unfortunately, this idea is easier said than done. True, humans have built canals for thousands of years, and humans have built open pit mines more than 1 km deep. But digging a hole of such size will take decades, and the rise in sea level will certainly eclipse the creation of lakes. I have left out an important part. It won’t be necessary to start an endless cycle of lake creation. We will only require one big lake, and it need not be very deep. As ocean water flows into the lake, it will be evaporated by the sun. This continuous evaporation will allow for a continuous stream of water flowing from the ocean into the lake. As long as evaporation is quick enough, sea level rise will come to a stop. If we can succeed, a city can be built in the area surrounding this lake. The land will be donated by some African country such as Morocco, and the city will be named after the dictator who donates the land. The people who will live in the city will be scientists, miners, and tourists. But I’m getting ahead of myself. A problem is that some deserts are too high above sea level, and to dig an immense hole, and a deep canal system will be expensive. The solution would be to find deserts that are already below sea level, such as some parts of the Western Sahara, and Death Valley in the USA. If we build a canal from the ocean to these below-sea-level deserts, the desert will instantly become a salt-water lake. These areas are already uninhabitable, and losing a small piece of land in a desert is insignificant compared to all the islands and cities that we’d lose if sea levels were to rise. Is my crazy idea ingenious, or can someone provide a reason why it will fail? Actually, my idea has already been realized, and it’s known as the “Salton Sea”. In Africa the proposal is called the “Sahara Sea“.