Written August 2014 I’ve gone through many deep thoughts over the past week. It seems that when I’m under pressure to do something, I accomplish the most, but not in the thing that I’m supposed to finish. Anyways… Slowness is extremely under appreciated and mis-understood in todays society. After all, who would want to do things slower! “That’s crazy” is the rhetoric of most people; why waste an extra 30 minutes handwashing dishes when you can dump them in the dishwasher! The attitude towards time is that it is a limited resource that must be treasured; that last second you just lost wasting your time will never be recovered! If this is the thinking, then I conclude that there are 3 ways to “have more time”. The first way is to do things faster. This is the most commonly seen method that persists in our society. Magic Bullet in 10 seconds or less, Faster Cars, Faster roads (highways or speedways), type faster, faster computer, record and watch tv programs ad-free faster, speed up videos, check emails faster etc. The problem with this method is that it takes the enjoyment out of everything that you speed through, that the thing seems more of a chore than an experience. The second way is to do multiple things at once; multitasking. Put a magazine in front of you while you brush your teeth, or even better, watch a ted talk on your mobile device while cooking. Not much more explanation needed. This method is very useful in doubling your productivity and making you enjoy everything you do because in doesn’t feel like you are wasting any time. The third way is to just not do things. Have 128 “unread” emails? Ctrl+A then right click then “mark as read” will solve the problem. If you really must go through them, pick only the ones that you will for sure need to read. It’s really not worth going through last Tuesday’s email about the deadline that passed last Friday. Here are more practical examples. Have a long heavy commute, then don’t commute. Need to mow the lawn, don’t do it, just give your neighbour’s boy $5 and save yourself an hour. Have a stash of un-opened magazines from 2 weeks ago, the trash can is the answer. Do you really need to see that reality show, if not, don’t bother and just make some more space on your dvr hard-drive. And the best solution of them all, just don’t sleep. Imagine the hours we would save each day if we could just, well, not sleep. (see polyphasic sleep). But now begs the question, and is the heart of this piece, why do we even want more time? I have been floundered by the lack of clarity in how we humans perceive the world we live in today. Many follow religiously the statement “Life is short” without thinking deeper. Relatively speaking, everything is short, and anything can be long. Life, or to live, is the longest thing you have ever done, and will do… hopefully. Now then why was that physics class so long, and your life so short. Elementary students look towards the day when they can enter highschool, and really actually learn something. Highschool students dream the day when they are free and can get away as adults. University Students are having a great time, yet they still look toward the day when they, after 15 years of formal schooling, can finally say goodbye to their desks and apples. Working adults, look forward to the day they can finally find a job they like, ponder the day when their hay-stack is big enough to quit their job and hang up their towel. And once they’re retired, well they would be looking forward to the day.. well maybe their grandson is born. And I must ask you this question: If I gave you an extra hour each day, what would you do? If I took away an hour of yours each day, but made you live 50 years longer, how would you cope? The simple discovery I made, is that time is able to be manipulated. We live our lives wishing that it were over already. Our lives are short because we make them so (and also because of some psychological reasons I will explain in the future). We look forward to each day as if tomorrow will be better. If only… If only we could know how long we will live, the exact age, then we could plan our lives accordingly, if only we lived our lives backwards so we would know what would happen next in our lives beforehand. If only. Again, time, is a dimension not fixed, but variable, one that we can control, speed up, lengthen, manipulate. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. We all have our lives to live, our 80 years to make our footprint. But time, is something that we can control at our fingertips, so we can be the lords of our own schedule instead of time dictating our lives and enslaving us into a belief that time cannot be messed with. Here’s how to be masters of our own time: Appreciate every moment.