You know those people who never get tired
It’s partly in the genes. But it’s mostly our habits. Eating habits play a huge part. Sugar (and carbs), meats, and even cooked food wreck havoc on our energy systems. Experiment with different ways of eating. Become a vegetarian. Trying eating raw for 30 days. Go water fasting. Eliminate all sugars from your body. The other half of #never-getting-tired is your mindset. Being a positive person will give you energy. Learning to take 20 minute naps or less, will give you energy. Meditate every day. People who are tuned spiritually can access energy from the universe. I learned about the small universe qigong states of being that give you infinite energy.
It turns out we’ve been doing exercise all wrong. Running marathons will make you better at running marathons, but they won’t increase your heart health as much as other activities. To really increase your physical ability, you have to do vigorous exercise, and really get your heart beating. If you can achieve 90% or more heart rate, you are doing exercise correctly.
Flexibility and Mobility
If you have any pains in your body, you must learn about fascia. It’s the largest sensory organ in your body (even more than your eyes), and it is the magic that holds your body together. As I read more about fascia, I came upon foam rolling. It turns out that strength training, and stretching is not enough. After exercising, you really need to eliminate any scar fascia. The best way is massage. Don’t worry, all you need is a tennis ball, and let it roll around your muscle as you put weight on it.
What it means to be a pro athlete
Being a pro athlete means you have to take care of your body. That is all you have. If your body goes, your career is over. So far it’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve gone through. You push yourself to achieve your potential. Few people dream of being pro athletes, but once that goal is set, the experience of pushing your body to it’s fullest is one of the greatest experiences of being human.