Crowd Freedom has a great solution to the issue of the judiciary system: instead of implementing discriminatory laws, we would have private security and Dispute Resolution Organizations (DRO’s) that would act like police. We would have biometrics at many locations, and we would be living in a safer society. But many people can’t get their head around the idea of a stateless society. There are a lot of public services that we feel like we can’t go without. Here are just a few:
  • Libraries
  • Parks
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Roads
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Transit
  • Pollution protection
  • Sewage
A libertarian would tell you: “Let’s privatize everything!” Just like Benjamin Franklin’s private fire department, we’d have private hospitals, private schools, private roads. But this sounds like a complete headache. Imagine signing all the forms and renewing your membership for all these organizations. You’d pay $100 to use a park for a year, just like paying money to Tennis clubs for court access. People will stop using most services such as libraries because they would have to pay. Now there’s an easier way. Imagine all these services grouped into bundles. Libraries, parks, and hospitals would be bundled together. Instead of going through reviews of each and every park, you would simply purchase a “public service” bundle. This would grant you access to a system of 20 hospitals, 100 parks, and 40 libraries. We could bundle all the above services for a low cost of $2000 a year. We could opt to add or remove services from the bundle. Included in each bundle would be costs to maintain these places, market these places, and reduce pollution in the city. What else could be bundled? Restaurants. Instead of paying for food every time you go to a restaurant, imagine having a membership card granting you unlimited food to 200 restaurants in the city for a year. You could purchase a “budget”, “standard”, or “premium” membership costing between 10 and 25 dollars a day, and get unlimited food at any restaurant. The “premium” membership would give you access to better food and more fine dining restaurants, while the food quality on a “budget” membership would be lower. A libertarian society is simpler than you think.