There are some things that you need experience in. Doing surgery by hand. Playing sports. These things require hours upon hours of practice. But in most jobs, a basic understanding is all that is needed. You need to be able to ask the right questions. You need to be able to get the right team of people around you. To an outsider, any field looks difficult. Eating dim sum will seem difficult. Forex will look difficult. But more often than not, people are eager to help you learn. And often it’s super simple. I have been working in the film industry for 6 months. One of the jobs that appears the toughest is grip and gaffer. Not only must you know the names of dozens upon dozens of pieces of equipment, you must know how to set everything up safely. C-stands, sea-way, 20 different lights, tea-towers, and so on. I can say for certain that all I needed was to remember all the technical names for all the gear, and to encounter them once. Most of the rest is intuition. The most important part of being a grip or gaffer is to look like you know what you are doing. Confidence is needed even when you don’t know what you’re doing. Chances are you know more than everyone else. Chances are what you are doing can be done in any way, because there are multiple ways of doing things. If you really focus on learning the essentials, anyone can succeed in any field in a short amount of time. It’s not a matter of studying books. It’s about copying what is done most often. Most jobs are simple and can be learned in a few days maximum.