Because you are a smart person, you’ve heard sayings that you must take control of your own life, rather than let the world dictate your life for you. You must make decisions, and once you have, move decisively towards that direction. Yet in our society, you know that we are taught to evaluate decisions using reason and logic. We compare two options, say eating italian food and chinese food, using metrics such as cost, service, health, etc. But through the process of using reason to make decisions, you are relinquishing control of your life. These factors–cost, service, health–are factors that you cannot control. You cannot control the cost of a plate of pasta. You cannot control the healthiness of chinese food. Yet you are trying to make decisions based on these parameters that you cannot control. If you use logic, you are letting these parameters make the decision for you. If you use logic, the decision is made before you even start. If you use logic, there is no decision. I know of one culture in the world that does things differently. People in India rely on intuition. They ask themselves questions. What do I want to experience right now? Where will I be in 12 months if I follow path A? Who do I want to be? Who am I? There is no right choice. Rather than letting the world dictate your life, you must take control. You control your world, not the other way around. Ultimately the choice doesn’t matter. What matters is that you make a choice, and you stick with it. In doing so, you mold that path into your vision. You create the future, regardless of the choice you take. If you desire to be a happy person, you turn that path into a happy path. If you desire to be a healthy person, you turn that path into a healthy path.