Science is in serious danger. Science is in grave danger of falling to politics. But as science dies, it is crucial to make sure people understand what caused its demise. 

The majority of science is trapped in a bubble. They have relied on their models-models that take hundreds of parameters. Just figuring out the weather tomorrow there is only a 60% certainty (ask your local meteorologist). Figuring out the average temperature of planet earth right now there is a 1% certainty. Figuring out the effects of CO2 on the average temperature on the weather in 5 years. . . there is a 0% certainty. 

Predictions only work when the parameters that are used are unambiguous, measurable, and clearly observable. Sun spots are one of these parameters. The number of sun spots, their intensity—these are things that are directly observable. Not only that, there is a clear relationship between the sun spots, and global temperature. 

The idea that humans increased the global temperatures over the last 50 years is probably right. Because the global temperature is observable, and it is clear that the increase was not caused by nature. By elimination, humans caused the temperature increase. But to figure out what exactly caused the increase—was it CO2, was it something else—is based entirely on speculation. And add to that, global warming might be good for the world! And add to that, scientists have already developed ways of temporarily cooling the world down, by emitting sulphur into the atmosphere. So, not only isn’t there a problem, if there was a problem humans would figure out a way to solve it. 

Now sun spots are an entirely different animal. We might now be in a period of global cooling. And science points to it. So science is in trouble. Because as they will find all of their predictions fail, and they will blame the inaccuracy of their models. But then their core beliefs and core values will fall, and they will find that in their last 20 years they fell into a mass delusion greater than the world has ever seen. And then that will open a glimpse in to the world, that your IQ doesn’t mean you understand more. In fact, people with higher IQ’s are more susceptible to mass delusions. It’s about your awareness, about your control of your emotions. 

It will be amazing to see this transformation, and it is an amazing time to be alive, because we are about to realize that planet earth is not the centre of the universe, and global warming was a mass delusion.