The way that Peter Thiel speaks is inspiring. It is exciting. It is like he has bottled enthusiasm. There is only one other person who spoke like him: steve jobs. Peter has a reality distortion field stronger than almost anyone in the world. Elon Musk comes close. He is powerful, and he is smart. The way he speaks makes him even more smart. He is my idol, and if you want to become a success, he should be yours too. Steve jobs was my idol, and here is an example of Steve Jobs speaking in a similar fashion to Peter Thiel: Peter has high functioning autism. He isn’t diagnosed, but I know he does. Because I know how people act when they have high functioning autism. And if you watch his speech at the republican national convention, it is clear that he has autism. I do too, and that’s why in my videos I also speak with bottled enthusiasm. I also induce a sense of nostalgia in my videos. This is what makes me, peter, and steve different. We create a reality distortion field.


Note: January 5, 2017:

Listen to how Peter Thiel answers this question about recreating the next Silicon Valley. He really gets it, and it is amazing.