Making hard choices

Because you are a smart person, you’ve heard sayings that you must take control of your own life, rather than let the world dictate your life for you. You must make decisions, and once you have, move decisively towards that direction. Yet in our society, you know that we are taught to evaluate decisions using reason and logic. We More

The biggest lie that school taught us

I was finishing an assignment for a world history project and showing it to my grade 6 teacher. “Is this good enough?” “Well, since you asked if its ‘good enough’, then it obviously isn’t.” More

Why tennis is the greatest sport

In this world there are two sports that are the odd ones. Tennis is one of them. Most individual sports you see in the Olympics are sports of the fewest mistakes. Diving comes to mind. Who would have predicted Tom Daily make consecutive mistakes in the semifinals? Snowboard cross and More

Question about this website

I need some help. I am stuck. Is anybody familiar with website design? There are two things I need: If you click on the blog page, you see that some longer titles are cut off. What will I have to do to get the whole title displayed? I am using the wordpress theme business elite. Second, if you open the website on your phone, you will see that the navigation widget is on the bottom of the page. Does anybody know how to get it to the top of the page before the content? Thanks beforehand!

Why experience is overrated

There are some things that you need experience in. Doing surgery by hand. Playing sports. These things require hours upon hours of practice. But in most jobs, a basic understanding is all that is needed. You need to be able to ask the right More

Forget the Autism Spectrum… ItR...

Written August 2014 DISCLAIMER: This is not my belief anymore! I do not think that what follows is true! I have included this to   stimulate discussion and to get people to start thinking and making new ideas. I claim sole responsibility and ownership for the ideas presented below, but to repeat, this is an old belief More

Appreciating Slowness and Understanding ...

Written August 2014 I’ve gone through many deep thoughts over the past week. It seems that when I’m under pressure to do something, I accomplish the most, but not in the thing that I’m supposed to finish. Anyways… More

What makes Mozart better than Beethoven ...

You know the feeling when the music just flows. Every note has its place. Every note belongs there. There are surprises, yet you constantly find yourself stunned by how natural the music feels. There is only one composer whose music is like this. But where does his genius lie? Is it in the More

Why the news media is dying

Everybody knows it. They are running out of money. They are going bankrupt. Because they don’t get it. So what do they do? They ask you to pay for content. Recently, Business Insider started putting paywalls in front of articles, following the lead of almost all More

How to create a brand

Every second that goes by, 50 hours of video is uploaded onto YouTube. The vast majority of these videos will be watched by less than 100 people. Many of these are small YouTubers who upload consistently, but never get any significant viewership. A small number of these people upload daily. More
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